Transparency software for Companies

Significance for companies

Transparency software is important for manufacturers of charging infrastructure used to sell electricity, as well as for CPOs and EMPs.

German law requires that charging systems that enable the sale of charging electricity offer the possibility to verify the correctness of charging invoices, even for a long-term period after charging. Only charging systems that meet these requirements may be used for the purpose of selling electricity to e-car drivers. Manufacturers of charging systems must therefore undergo a conformity assessment procedure. This is regulated in § 9 MessEV as well as in Annex 4 to this regulation. The procedure comprises several tests: functional tests to assess the condition, design and function, in-depth tests of the manufacturer's documentation, tests of EMC and environmental compatibility, and a detailed test of the software required for the charging pole to operate in compliance with measurement and calibration law. Only when the charging station meets all requirements can the certificate be issued. The minimum requirements to be met are described in the VDE-AR-E 2418-3-100 application rule "Charging in conformity with calibration law". Conformity assessment bodies are responsible for the certification procedures (§§ 11 ff. MessEG).

Today, two main solutions have become established in the German electromobility market to ensure the verifiability of charging invoice documents in compliance with the law: the SAM model and the solution using so-called transparency software. The solution using the transparency software has become widely accepted. The software was developed for the manufacturers who are members of the S.A.F.E. e.V. and is further developed for them. The manufacturers share the costs via the membership and their membership fees and save themselves the cost of having to develop their own solution.

The transparency software also allows CPOs, EMPs, and e-car drivers to check whether charging power cost settlements have been falsified.

Why transparency software?

With the help of transparency software, it is possible to check the correctness of the billing for charging processes. Depending on the technical design, a charging station creates digitally signed measured values in connection with the respective charging process. In this way, it can be traced in the long term whether the measured values are correctly recorded on the invoice and the price has been calculated correctly.

What does the transparency software cost?

The use of the transparency software is free of charge for consumers, mobility providers and charging station operators.

However, manufacturers who wish to use the transparency software as part of a type examination require a license for it. In order to obtain a license, the company must be a member of S.A.F.E. e.V.. Upon joining the association and paying the admission fee, the member receives a license agreement. This guarantees the member the permanent use of the transparency software with the status of the software at the time of joining the association. A right to use the respective releases requires that the member pays the respective annual membership fees.

You would like to use the S.A.F.E transparency software for your hardware, backend software or certification processes?

The following instructions describe the implementation:


Path to certification

  1. Check necessity and legal basis
  2. Who needs it?
  3. Guidelines

Download the transparency software

To use the transparency software, you need to download and launch it on your desktop PC system.


Use of the transparency software

  1. For type testing
  2. In the production environment (EOL)

Provide access

Provide the signature data to the consumer.

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